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About Us

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Hello! We’re the Burns Family. Austin was born in La Grande OR, moved to Athena in 5th grade and graduated from Weston McEwen High School (Go TigerScots!) Peyton was born and raised just a short drive away in the Walla Walla Valley. Together we have three handsome boys. We met in the early spring of 2012 and were instantly inseparable. We’ve now been together for 11 years. We’ve moved around a few times between North Dakota, and Montana, but always knew we wanted to plant our roots back home. We officially moved back to Athena in January of 2019.


Shortly after we were all settled in, we noticed the Adams Schoolhouse was for sale. Austin, growing up in Athena, can vividly remember playing his little league baseball games on the field right across the street from the schoolhouse. Instantly we started talking about the “What ifs.” We would purposely drive by to dream and manifest on making this beautiful piece of property ours one day. While also wishing that no one else would buy it before we were ready too. After a handful of months, the house was off the market and we were devastated, thinking it had finally sold, but hoping that the owners just took it on the market. Either way, our hearts were a little heavy.


Then on a beautiful sunny day in April of 2020 as we were driving by on the way to our shop, we saw someone out doing yard work. Not knowing if these were the original owners or new owners, and Austin being a very “go-getter” kind of guy, he pulled over to ask about the property. It was then we met Mike and Linda, the owners of the Adams Schoolhouse. They told us how they listed the property and then took it off the market. They offered to give us a tour and told us all about when they bought the property and all they did to restore and remodel to make this place a home. At the end of it all Austin explained that this place is a dream of ours to have one day, gave Mike his business card and told him that when they’re ready to sell again, to give us a call. 


Flash forward about a year and a half later to October of 2021. Austin gets a call and low and behold, it’s Mike and Linda ready to sell. What a heart stopping moment! We officially signed papers in February of 2022 and by March we were fully moved into our dream home. We always knew we wanted to share this gorgeous property. Weddings and events were the first thing that came to mind. We cannot wait to help you make your vision come to life whether

you’re planning a wedding, a family gathering, a birthday celebration or anything in between. We vow (do you like what we did there?) to make sure that the Adams Schoolhouse is everything you’ve every dreamed of in a venue, just like it’s everything we ever dreamed of in a home. The 100+ year old schoolhouse sits on a 2-acre lot in the peaceful little town of Adams, Oregon. Even though there has been remodeling done, there is still so much history to soak in. From the hand laid brick work to the original gym floors, and the large windows that let in all the natural sunlight. No matter where you look you are sure to find beauty.


Schoolhouse History


On August 25, 1917, there was a school board meeting in Adams City Hall, and it was then they

decided Adams was going to get a new Schoolhouse. 

  • January 8, 1918, the plans were being prepared by a local (Pendleton, OR) architect, Raymond W. hatch. 

  • March 21, 1918, the contracts for constructing the $32,000 schoolhouse were ratified and work is to start immediately. 

  • September 3, 1918, the new school year was about to begin. The first day of school is September 9th, still being held in the former schoolhouse while the new one was finishing up their final stages. 

  • December 13, 1918, the new school was officially done and ready to be filled with students! 


All the schoolhouse history info we found in a 6-volume set of books, History of Adams, which

is sold at our local Adams Library.

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