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Adams Schoolhouse 2024 Wedding Pricing

|| Booking available for May - October. We will take on limited events for November - February ||

|| Please inquire about pricing for 2023 weddings and for all other event pricing ||

  • Three Days of Venue access: $3,500.00

    • Friday: Available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM for setup and rehearsal

    • Saturday: Full Venue access from 8:00 AM to 10:00 (8:45 for Last Call at Bar and 9:00 PM for music).

    • Sunday: Clean up from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. All trash must be bagged and taken out to dumpsters. 

    • Or whichever day your wedding date falls on. Example: Friday Wedding (Thursday, Friday and Saturday clean up.) Sunday Wedding (Saturday, Sunday and Monday cleanup.)

  • 200 maximum for guest count.  4,490 sq ft Gymnasium with stage and bleachers. Locker rooms underneath the stage are off limits to guests.

  • Bridal Suite and Groomsmen Suite are both located in the bottom level of the Schoolhouse with separate exits.

  • All Authorized Personnel Only signs must be followed. The top level of the Schoolhouse is off limits. Any person(s) whether client, guest or vendor caught upstairs will be escorted off the property immediately.

  • On-site parking is available all around the property. Additional cars can park across the street at the Little League field. Please do not park in front of any neighboring houses.

  • Client(s) will need to rent portable restrooms for guests.

  • If Catering prep space is needed, the second level kitchen is available and there is an additional fridge in the storage room off of the gym.

  • Any décor pieces Adams Schoolhouse has are available and included in the pricing.

  • 3 – 8 ft rectangle tables and 23 – 5 ft round tables with white tablecloths are also included in the pricing. At this time, we do not have chairs, those will need to be rented.

  • Fireworks of any kind are not permitted unless previously discussed before signing of contract. Sparklers may be permitted if previously discussed before final payment date, unless prohibited by local fire authorities.

  • Outdoor brick fireplace is available for use unless prohibited by local fire authorities.

  • NO open flame of ANY KIND allowed inside the schoolhouse or gym.

  • Confetti of any kind is not allowed inside the schoolhouse or gym. Biodegradable confetti is allowed outside but must be cleared from all walkways. If you choose to scatter silk flower petals, they must all be picked up imminently after the ceremony.


  • A $1,500.00 deposit is to be paid at the time of booking. $1,000 will be deducted from the $3,500.00 price and is nonrefundable. $500 will be refunded within 5 business days. If any damage is done to the property, excessive cleaning needs to be done by Adams Schoolhouse staff, or any guidelines are abused by client(s) or guest(s) a written statement will be given and client(s) will forfeit their refundable deposit.

  • Payment may be made by credit card, or debit card. A final contract and invoice will be sent by email via Honeybook.

  • Final payment notice of $2,000.00 will be notified by email via Honeybook 4 months prior to event date and invoice must be paid no later than 3 months before event date. If client(s) fail to pay the final invoice after the invoice due date, they forfeit the full $1,500.00 deposit and their event date.


Date changes and Cancellation Policy:

Adams Schoolhouse LLC will not provide refunds due to circumstances beyond our control. Such as inclement weather, “Acts of God”, pandemics, etc. These may include, but are not limited to, flood, electrical outage, earthquake, electrical storm, evacuation, or other natural disasters. Additionally, refunds will not be made due to illness, injury, or disability.


In the unlikely event the client(s) needs to change the date of the event, client(s) need to notify Adams Schoolhouse in writing at least 4 months prior to event date (Before final invoice payment notice is sent) If Adams Schoolhouse cannot accommodate your new event date, your $500.00 refundable deposit plus 50% of your nonrefundable deposit will be returned. If client(s) new event date is notified after 4 months prior to event and Adams Schoolhouse cannot accommodate new event date, client(s) forfeits full $1,500.00 deposit.


In the event the client(s) needs to cancel their event, client(s) need to notify Adams Schoolhouse in writing 4 months prior to the event date (Before final invoice payment notice is sent) and client(s) $500.00 refundable deposit will be returned. If the cancellation notice is after final invoice has been sent out client(s) will forfeit their full $1,500.00 deposit and any paid to date fees.


Adams Schoolhouse, LLC shall not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur to persons or guests attending the event. Guests using the stage, bleachers, or surrounding grounds do so at their own.

Client(s) is required to carry liability insurance in the amount of no less than Two (2) Million Dollars ($1,000,000-$2,000,000) to protect them against any claims arising from any officially scheduled activities during the event period(s) and to indemnify Adams Schoolhouse, LLC which shall be named as an additional insured for the duration of the contract. Client(s) will provide proof of Insurance under a policy acceptable to Adams Schoolhouse by final payment date.


Conditions of use:

All property belonging to Client(s) and vendor items must be scheduled for pick-up on Sunday by 10:00 am (or third day of rental.) If for any reason a vendor needs to pick up later than 10:00 am that needs to be discussed on the day before the event (set up/rehearsal day.) All guests and Bridal Party must be off the premises no later than 10:00 pm the evening of the event. All food, beverages (especially including bar area) and trash need to be cleaned up and taken out to dumpsters provided by 10:00 pm the night of the event. Décor pieces may be cleaned up the following day.


Tables are fine to be left out, the Adams Schoolhouse staff will handle putting those away, but table clothes need to be taken off and all stacked onto one table.

Client(s) must agree to not play music too loudly and music/DJ must be done by 9:00 pm sharp. We at Adams Schoolhouse want you to enjoy everything about your event but we also would like the clients(s) and guests to remember that we still have neighbors and would like to keep the music at a reasonable volume.

Smoking is allowed outside only in designated/marked areas. No smoking, under any circumstances is allowed inside the Schoolhouse or Gym.


Children must always be supervised by an adult/parent, especially if they are on the Gym Stage or Gym Bleachers. Children cannot be left unattended under any circumstances in the bridal/groomsmen area of the schoolhouse (the basement.) A verbal warning will be given to client(s) if children are left unattended in areas they are not permitted to be in. If children continue to be left unattended, said children and parents will be asked to leave by Adams Schoolhouse Staff.

No animals are allowed on Adams Schoolhouse property. By law, service animals are permitted. Animal owners need to supply proper containment for animal(s) while on property and need to make sure to clean up after their animal. If any property damage is done by the animal client(s) will forfeit $200.00 from their refundable deposit.


Alcohol and Catering:

Client(s) assumes all liability for the service of alcohol.

  • Self-service of alcohol is not permitted and no guests under any circumstance are allowed to bring their own alcohol onto the property.

  • Alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender. A Preferred bartender list will be provided by Adams Schoolhouse. If the bartender is not on the preferred bartender list, proof of OLCC permit needs to be provided at the time of final payment (no later than 3 months prior to event date)

  • No alcohol will be served after 8:45 pm.

  • Underage drinking is not permitted. If any underage guests are caught drinking the bar will be closed immediately. Adams Schoolhouse reserves the right to terminate alcohol service to anyone at any time.

  • If a guest appears intoxicated and is belligerent, Adams Schoolhouse reserves the right to escort guest(s) or client(s) off the premises and call the authorities.

  • If any guest(s) are caught bringing their own alcohol onto the property or underaged drinking is going on, the client(s) will forfeit their $500.00 deposit.

  • Caterer and bartender are responsible for the removal of all their items, and equipment by the close of the event (10:00pm) and is prohibited from dumping food, grease, or any other substances on the property.

  • Driving and/or parking on lawn areas (inside fence) is not allowed unless previously discussed before setup/rehearsal date and supervised by Adams Schoolhouse staff.

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